CyberHoot Newsletter – Volume 2

SIM Swapping by Hacking Telecom Companies

Hackers never cease to stop evolving and finding new ways to get your information. Hackers are now breaking into telecom companies to take over victim’s phone numbers. Being able to take over someone’s phone number is a valuable and important hacking technique to know about.

Clearview AI’s Groundbreaking Facial Recognition

Clearview AI has made a name for itself as of late, creating a unique facial recognition app. This new application allows a user to take a photo of an individual and upload it to the application. Once the photo is uploaded to the app, it shows the user all the public photos of that individual they took a photo of; along with the links where those images exist.

Customer Spotlight

"Single Digits chose CyberHoot to address our Awareness Training and Policy Governance needs because it was simple and effective. Unlike other LMS systems which require 45-minute training videos and dozens of trick questions, our staff receives important training in less than 10 minutes once a month. I’d recommend CyberHoot to anyone looking for a quick, simple, cost-effective approach to securing their business in the 21st century. You’ll be glad you did!"
John Nelson
John Nelson
VP Engineering | SingleDigits

Look What We Added

Watch our newest video on the benefits of Password Managers!

Cybrary Term of the Day

Ransomware is a type of malicious software designed to block access to a computer system, and more importantly the critical data it contains, until a sum of money or ransom is paid. Attackers ask for payment in bitcoin, which makes the payments largely untraceable by investigators.  Bitcoin plays an important role in the growth of ransomware attacks because it shields hackers from being caught through the electronic payments they receive.

Coronavirus and Cybersecurity

Coronavirus Alert: Are you ready to exercise Employee Remote Access?

As China attempts to close its borders to international travel over the weekend, shut down major airports, train services, and even its version of Disneyland to tourists, the cybersecurity professionals at CyberHoot began asking the question – how will this impact our clients?



If this becomes a world-wide pandemic impacting every country in the world, then there is very little time for businesses in the US to prepare their “Work from Home” strategies.  CyberHoot strongly recommends you take the following actions to ensure your business is ready in case schools, public transportation, airports, and related public services are shut-down or severely degraded.

Up-to-Date Infection and Mortality Statistics by Country (External Link)

Recommendations for your Business:

  1. Test your remote access solution and validate that employees know how to use them.
  2. Upgrade your authentication mechanisms for remote access to use two-factor authentication.  Free solutions for 2FA are available from Google Authenticator and others.  Integrate them into your Virtual Private Network solution.
  3. Test your emergency communication procedures to alert all non-essential employees that they must work from home.
  4. Document or update your emergency response procedures to include a health crisis scenario such as a world-wide Pandemic like the Coronavirus outbreak.
  5. Optional: Consider purchasing Surgical Masks (N95 Filtration Masks) if you will be in public places where its use could be helpful in preventing the spread of this virus.

5 min training

CyberHoot "Hoots" are often 5 minutes or less. This ensures your staff get trained quickly with the most effective solution.

The Power of Open

CyberHoot is an open cybersecurity training Platform. Any video or PDF can be used to train and govern your employees.


CyberHoot is mandatory company assigned training that takes time and adds work for employees; yet, over 60% of 100 CyberHoot users surveyed would be "Disappointed" or "Very Disappointed" if CyberHoot was taken away!

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