CyberHoot Newsletter – December 2023

Navigating the Cybersecurity Risks of AI Assistants in Video Conferencing

Silent Eavesdroppers: As AI Digital Assistants seamlessly integrate into popular video conferencing platforms, a concerning trade-off emerges between convenience and data privacy. While service terms promise de-identification, the looming risk of inadvertently exposing regulated, proprietary, or sensitive information raises a red flag, urging us to scrutinize the hidden pitfalls of this technological convenience. Read now.

Passkeys Unlocked: The Key to a Passwordless Future

Unlocking the Future: Passkeys Revolutionize Authentication! Say goodbye to traditional passwords and embrace the security of passkeys – the innovative authentication solution fortified by cryptography. Resilient to phishing and impervious to password database theft, passkeys not only elevate security but also streamline user identification in the digital realm. Read now.

DNA Double-Helix Hacker Heist: A Wake-Up Call for Cybersecurity Vigilance

Unprecedented Breach at 23andMe: Our DNA, the Blueprint of Identity, Stolen! As technology advances, the theft of irreplaceable genetic data raises urgent calls for stringent consequences, turning a spotlight on the pressing need to safeguard our most personal information from malicious actors. Read now.

Customer Spotlight

CyberHoot Awarded Badge From TrustRadius

Artificial Intelligence (AI) refers to human-like intelligence presented by a computer, robot, or other machines. AI mimics human learning by building iterative learning capabilities into a computer.  AI machines learn from exposure to experiences, for example by examining objects or practicing millions of chess matches and measuring outcomes to learn better strategies. In everyday world use, AI can combine these capabilities to perform functions a human might perform, such as greeting a hotel guest or driving a car.

Recently Added Features

General Improvements:
  • Added dark web exposures to my assignments and my workgroup.
  • Integrated CyberHoot Power & Autopilot platforms with SyncroMSP for customer and user syncing.

  • Added dehashed to exposed users in Autopilot.

  • New 30-day free feature for all newly enrolled customers: allowing our MSPs to give free access to their prospects and clients, create a summary cybersecurity report, and give a taste of our training and patent pending phishing for free to any customer they wish.

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Employee reminders to manager escalations, CyberHoot delivers automated, hands-off, extremely high compliance.

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Many clients routinely achieve 90% or greater compliance to policies, training, and phish testing.

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