HowTo: Add Standard Clients in CyberHoot (or Convert Power Clients)

This article provides MSPs with instructions on how to add a “Standard” customer within CyberHoot.  Customers set to ‘Standard’ will have much of the mundane administration normally required by the MSP to be fully-automated. This includes the following automation steps:

  • Each time an employee is added to a ‘Standard‘ customer, that employee first receives the MSP’s announcement and welcome to our Cybersecurity Awareness Training platform that day.
  • The next day they will get an assignment email with a link to the six foundational training videos (or as many as have launched/are active for that customer to date) in a single email with the first video link being the Introductory Video.
  • The same assignment email contains links to all outstanding active videos for that particular customer for the new employee to complete.
  • Once the new employee catches up (an easy task with 3-4 min videos) they join everyone else with the monthly launch of a single cybersecurity video training topic and quiz.
  • BONUS: all ‘Standard‘ customer employees also receive a single phishing  test assignment once each quarter. The first phishing test assignment is delivered 6 weeks after the creation date of the ‘standard’ customer.
  • The only requirement for the MSP is to manage user adds and deletes.
  • There is no need for MSPs to assign awareness training programs; CyberHoot handles this automatically.

Benefits of Standard Customer:

  • You do not need to assign any training or phishing tests ever.
  • Simplified administration only involves user management.
  • Automated email notification introducing the MSP’s Awareness Training Platform sent to each employee the day before training begins.
  • Guaranteed assignment of the six foundational CyberHoot videos for every new employee.
  • MSPs maintain access to ‘Power’ customer features and capabilities including:
    • Adding MSP customized training videos
    • Adding optional product training videos
    • Sending cybersecurity governance policies
    • Creating employee surveys or sending our cyber assessments
    • Dark web reporting
    • Full compliance reporting menu is available for audits or impromptu reports.

Common Questions

1. Can I see the upcoming assigned videos and phishing test in the Admin interface for ‘Standard’ customers?

Yes, but the videos and phish testing assignments are not visible in the Administrative Interface until they launch.

2. Can I convert a ‘Power’ customer to a ‘Standard’ customer?   

Yes, but only if there are no active training programs assigned to employees.  If there are active training programs, simply wait for them to expire, then edit the customer from the MSP Settings page (wrench icon) and click the pencil to edit a customer.  Select ‘Standard’ instead of ‘Power’ customer radio button.   You will be prompted if you want to force employees to retake previously completed videos.  Best practice is NOT to force employees to retake these videos a second time.

Video overview on setting up a 'Standard' client.

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