HowTo: Dark Web Workflow

Dark Web Monitoring Within CyberHoot:

CyberHoot provides dark web monitor for its clients.  Users emails are compared to dark web databases and reported through the CyberHoot’s console and emails to administrators.  Those admins can choose to review the exposures identified with the workflow outlined in this article.  This is entirely up to each client using CyberHoot.

 What to Do When You Have Dark Web Exposures:

Here’s a high level overview of the steps you may follow to review dark web exposures. The video below will guide you on how to proceed on these steps.

1- Check the date of the exposures, sometimes those are very old and were already taken care of by the user, when in doubt, notify them.

2- Notify the users, informing them to change their passwords and enable 2FA/MFA on the affected accounts.

Here’s a sample of text to send to impacted users when using the notify feature within CyberHoot’s Power Platform:

“Your accounts have been discovered on the dark web, if you still use these online accounts that have been exposed, it’s recommended that you change their passwords as well as the passwords for any other accounts that share the same password. Don’t forget to enable 2FA/MFA to further enhance their security”

3- Acknowledge the exposure on the console.

This Short Video Shows You How to Alert Users of Their Dark Web Exposures and Acknowledge the Alerts on the Console.

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