Three Hospitals Shut Down Due to Ransomware Attack



“Education is learning what you didn’t even know you didn’t know.” – Daniel J. Boorstin



We continue to encounter a lack of awareness on the Ransomware topic, and sadly the headline coverage continues to grow. The accompanying pain and impact also grow with each new Ransomware attack.

What Can We Do?

We need to continue to educate, test and monitor the progress of all of our employees. They are the
proverbial first line of defense in thwarting cyber criminals. No one is immune from the criminal attack.

On the Ransomware topic, headlines this week are out of Tuscaloosa, AL where “DCH Regional Medical Center, Northport Medical Center and Fayette Medical Center have been diverting patients to alternative hospitals. Staff at the health system have continued to treat patients that are
currently in the hospitals.”

When you read headlines stating that our hospitals and medical centers have to stop admitting patients due to IT systems being frozen under a ransomware attack, it’s just more bad news…The bad guys are winning their game and the stakes get higher. In addition, it is people involved in these “IT Systems” patients, children and adults…the human risk just keeps getting higher.

So what is CyberHoot ‘s increased commitment to building awareness on the ransomware topic? (+ others) CyberHoot is launching our new web property and accompanying curated training library of videos for the public to consume.

In addition, for our MSP partners, all of our content is permitted to be re-used in their client communications, newsletters and social media channels etc. We are serious about educating individuals and businesses on how “Becoming More Aware leads you to Become More Secure. Stay tuned and look for us, we are here to help.

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