Press Release: CyberHoot Launches HootPhish – A Revolutionary Approach to Phishing Simulations

CyberHoot, a leader in cybersecurity awareness training, today announced the launch of its newest service, HootPhish. This revolutionary service replaces negative attack-based phish tests with positive and educational phishing simulations.

Innovative Training Approach

HootPhish leverages positive reinforcement training, completely eliminating the negative reinforcement training deeply embedded in attack-based phishing. Users learn how to identify seven potential phishing indicators throughout the simulation by examining hyper-realistic phishing simulations. Attack-phishing tests what users often don’t know; HootPhish teaches users what they need to know.

Real-Time Learning

Unlike conventional testing that assesses users’ existing knowledge, HootPhish educates users in real-time, teaching them what they need to know as they go through the phishing simulation. This immediate feedback loop ensures that learning is both relevant, timely, and effective.  With three levels of difficulty, HootPhish becomes automatically more difficult over time as users become more proficient.

100% Automation

Recognizing the challenges IT departments face with traditional phishing simulations, HootPhish offers a solution that is 100% automated. HootPhish eliminates the need for extensive IT work, such as creating Allow Lists, X-Header exceptions, or setting up direct injection.  Simply enroll clients and users via Entra ID or CSV and you are done.

Cost-Effective Solution

CyberHoot is committed to providing high-quality, affordable training leading to Cyber Literacy. HootPhish is affordably priced, ensuring that advanced phishing simulations and testing are accessible to all organizations, regardless of size.

Free 30-Day Trial

IT departments and Managed Service Providers (MSPs) interested in experiencing the benefits of HootPhish can learn more and sign up for a free 30-day trial at This trial offers a no-obligation opportunity to evaluate the effectiveness of HootPhish’s revolutionary approach to phish testing.

Positive Reception by MSPs

“Feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. Clients value the non-punitive, engaging approach to learning, which has turned a mandatory task into a welcomed activity.”

– Michael Gibby, Founder and IT Manager of SEQ IT Services.

“Easy setup via automated training has simplified platform management while enabling clients to build the human firewall and empower employees with vigilance and encouragement.”

– Chris Pohts, Owner and CEO of ONE2ONE Tech Solutions


About CyberHoot
CyberHoot is a pioneer in cybersecurity awareness training, offering a range of services designed to empower businesses with the knowledge and tools needed to defend against cyber threats. With the launch of HootPhish, CyberHoot reaffirms its commitment to advancing cyber literacy, making the digital world safer for all.

Contact Information
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