Google Chrome Zero Day in the Wild

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CyberHoot has learned there is a new Zero-Day vulnerability in Chrome actively being exploited in the Wild. Your computer can be compromised just by visiting a malicious website. That is seriously bad!

What Should you do?

While Chrome automatically updates itself, you need to force it to update if you reboot your computer infrequently.

Chrome only updates itself when it fully restarts; which happens each time you reboot your computer.

However, you can manually force chrome to update by checking the version of Chrome which initiates the update process.

How do I check the version of Chrome to get Chrome to update itself?

  1. In the top right corner of Chrome, click the Ellipses as shown below:

Image titled Auto Update Google Chrome Step 2

2. Scroll down in the menu to “Help” and then Click the “About Google Chrome” button as shown below.

This forces Chrome to update itself manually.

Image titled Auto Update Google Chrome Step 3

3. Exit and restart Chrome.  This is the only time that Chrome completes its update process.

Image titled Auto Update Google Chrome Step 4

4. As a best practice, you should consider restarting Chrome every day or two to ensure you’re automatically updated.

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