A Cybersecurity Comedy: Protecting Businesses One Laugh at a Time!

Cybersecurity Needs More Humor


Cybersecurity too often seems like a stress inducing serial murder show. This makes cybersecurity sound serious, anxiety provoking, and unapproachable. Who said it couldn’t be funny and light-hearted, like a modern day Dramedy? In today’s digital age, businesses must take cybersecurity seriously to protect themselves from the clutches of cyber criminals. In this humorous essay, we will explore why businesses need to enhance their cyber defenses through awareness training, phish testing, dark web monitoring, and technical controls like adopting password managers, MFA, SPAM controls, removing administrative access, having a risk assessment performed, and potentially hiring a virtual Chief Information Security Officer (vCISO). So, grab your popcorn and get ready for a cyber-comedy adventure!

Awareness Training: The Fun Begins!

Picture this: your employees starring in a cybersecurity sitcom! Awareness training is crucial to educate your team about common cyber threats and how to avoid them. Conduct engaging and interactive training sessions where employees learn to spot suspicious emails and phishing attempts. With role-playing exercises, you can have your very own cyber-themed improv show! If that’s too impractical, then you must train staff with short and interesting cybersecurity awareness videos once a month.

Phish Testing: Hook, Line, and Cybersecurity!

Let’s add some excitement to the office routine! Conduct regular phishing simulations to test your employees’ cyber-resistance. Send them fake phishing emails, but instead of malicious intent, include hilarious messages like “Congratulations! You’ve won a lifetime supply of virtual donuts!” Celebrate when your employees spot the bait, and reward them with real donuts, of course!  Phish testing can be too sinister. Consider running educational phish testing exercises designed to help employees improve their phish spotting abilities.

Risk Assessment: Spotlight on Cyber Threats!

It’s showtime for the risk assessment! Bring in the cybersecurity auditors Statler and Waldorf to evaluate your business’s vulnerabilities and identify areas for improvement. These theater critics will highlight potential plot holes and recommending security upgrades. Remember, the best comedy is all about timing, and assessing risks ensures you’re ahead of the cyber curve, and hopefully any villains.

Password Managers: Unlock the Humor!

Oh, the comedy of forgetful employees! Encourage the use of password managers to prevent the classic “sticky note under the keyboard” trick. Password managers securely store passwords and even generate strong and unique ones. It’s like having a personal stand-up comedian who remembers your passwords, but never shares them!

MFA: Multiple Funny Actors Required!

Introducing Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA), the comedic duo! MFA adds an extra layer of security by requiring multiple forms of verification, like a password and a fingerprint, or a password and a quirky dance move. This dynamic duo makes it very difficult for cyber villains to crash your party (or critical accounts).

SPAM Controls: Evict the Cyber Spammers!

Cue the laughter track for this one! Implement SPAM controls to keep your employees’ inboxes free from unwanted junk. You’ll be the hero who saves the office from the wrath of shady emails promising a free cruise to Antarctica or the secret to eternal youth.  SPAM filters combined with educational phishing exercises will turn employee clown frowns upside down.

Removing Administrative Access: Cyber Superheroes Assemble!

Bye-bye, administrative access! Limiting administrative privileges reduces the risk of accidental damage and cyber villains gaining unlimited control. Picture your employees dressed as superheroes, with capes fluttering in the wind, to symbolize their newfound responsibility. Keep the comedy going by organizing an “Administrators Anonymous” support group to discuss their newfound powerlessness!  Just kidding, power users can still be given a secondary admin account to re-instate their super powers; but they use this account super powers only when needed, just like real life super heroes.

Dark Web Monitoring: Where Cyber Clowns Roam!

Step right up, ladies and gentlemen! Protect your business by monitoring the dark web. Stay informed if your sensitive information ends up in the wrong hands. Imagine a cyber circus, where you keep an eye on hackers juggling your stolen data. It’s time to laugh at their futile attempts because you adopted a password manager company-wide and had each employee set unique long new passwords on every one of their accounts!

Hiring a vCISO: Cyber Laughs on Demand!

In the ever-evolving world of cyber threats, a virtual Chief Information Security Officer (vCISO) can be your comedy scriptwriter. They bring expertise and experience to the table, crafting a cybersecurity strategy tailored to your business. Think of them as the comedic director, making sure your business stays safe while delivering punchlines that’ll have employees chuckling at new cybersecurity measures and cyber criminals crying over their lack of access.

The Top 10 Cyber Comedy Tips:

To wrap up, here’s a bulleted list of cybersecurity advice sprinkled with humor:

  1. Conduct regular awareness training sessions and turn cybersecurity into a comedic performance to make it memorable.
  2. Test your employees’ cyber resilience with entertaining, fun, and educational phish testing exercises.
  3. Conduct a risk assessment to spotlight cyber threats and ensure your comedic timing is spot on.
  4. Monitor the dark web to learn when data is stolen; laugh at the hackers because you adopted MFA and password managers to lock them out.
  5. Fund  the use of password managers to unlock the humor of forgetful employees and limit the damage from breached websites or credential theft.
  6. Embrace the dynamic duo of Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) for added security and a touch of humor.
  7. Implement SPAM controls to banish cyber spammers from your digital stage.
  8. Limit administrative access to prevent accidental damage; embrace secondary admin accounts for power users like a phone booth to change in when super powers are needed!
  9. Consider hiring a vCISO to bring cyber laughs on demand and craft a tailored cybersecurity strategy.
  10. Never forget that cybersecurity is a serious matter, but a little humor can make the journey much more enjoyable and memorable!


Stop letting cybersecurity seem like a stress inducing serial murder show. Honestly, it doesn’t have to be.  Make it more like a dramedy; where serious topic are infused with humor to engage employees and create a more positive cybersecurity culture within your business. By prioritizing awareness training, phish testing, risk assessments, and implementing technical controls, such as password managers, MFA, SPAM controls, your businesses can better protect itself against the cyber threats you face. So, let’s add some laughter to the world of cybersecurity and ensure that the show and your business always goes on!

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Source: ChatGPT created this article with a detailed prompt from CyberHoot editors who then edited for clarity of thought, recommendation, and purpose.

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