Cybersecurity Awareness Month Vlog Series 2021

2021 cybersecurity awareness month vlog

Each day this month, we published a short (3–5 minute) interview CyberHoot’s Co-Owner Craig Taylor had with Mindwhirl outlining necessary topics to help improve people’s cybersecurity hygiene. Check CyberHoot’s VLOG and social media pages to see what we’ve published for the month, or alternatively look below where we’ve listed out all of our videos for this month:

In addition to these VLOGs, CyberHoot posted valuable infographics, outlining various vital security topics to help users in their personal and professional life. If you would like to download your own personal Cybersecurity Awareness Month graphics, visit to get your 31 days of infographics!

Also, check out our Vlog partner Mindwhirl’s blog to stay on top of your marketing and cybersecurity news!

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CyberHoot does have some other resources available for your use. Below are links to all of our resources, feel free to check them out whenever you like: 

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