Three Tips for the Digital Age

CyberHoot received notice today that our Café Press account had been breached along with 23 million other accounts. Fortunately, no password data was reported stolen. However, phone numbers, home addresses, email addresses, and full names were breached. This comes on the heels of Capital One’s 100 Million breached financial records announced last week. The FBI claims there are ONLY two types of companies. First, there are companies that know they’ve been breached while second, there are companies that don’t know they’ve been breached. Every company, not just Capital One and Café Press, should assume it has been, or will be, breached. What are you to make of these breaches?

Breached personal data is part of the new normal in the digital age. It’s a fact that our personal data will be compromised; it will be available in online hacker forums for bad actors to try and take advantage of us with. Recognizing that fact, CyberHoot and all our employees have been preparing for this for many years. We practice the three tips below for the digital age; will you practice them?

CyberHoot believes there are two kinds of people. First, there are people who know their personal data has been breached and do something to minimize the impact. Second, there are those people that know their personal data has been breached but do nothing about it. You’re reading this article to learn how to minimize the impact of breached personal data, right? If so, then take the following three steps.

CyberHoot’s Top Three Tips in the Digital Age to protect yourself Personally and professionally:

  1.  Freeze your Credit. If you haven’t frozen your Credit yet, well, what are you waiting for? Here’s the Freeze your Credit article from CyberHoot.
  2.  Learn a Password Manager: given all our data will be breached, you need to learn this skill. Here’s CyberHoot’s article on Password Managers.
  3.  Enroll in a Cybersecurity Awareness Program: do this for yourself personally and make sure your company does it for all its employees.

It’s too dangerous out there not to provide awareness training to your staff. You can be sure no-one else is. If you don’t, who will?

Come to for a free 30-day trial for Cybersecurity awareness training. Our training is quick, easy, and effective! All it takes is the will to act… we’ll handle everything else.

Craig, Co-Founder – CyberHoot

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