BlueKeep is MS Blaster

George Santayana (Sketch artist: Samuel Johnson Woolf)

“Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” This phrase from George Santayana gave birth to the neologism: “Those who do not learn History are doomed to repeat it.”

We face a historically important situation to help guide us today. In late 2003, MS Blaster took down millions of computers all over the world and it cost companies millions of dollars to recover. MS Blaster exploited a patched vulnerability which Microsoft warned us about repeatedly. Microsoft is again warning us about a very important patch. On Nov. 7th, 2019 Microsoft warned us again to patch older systems (Windows 8 and 10 are not at risk).

Computers at Risk to BlueKeep (Image Source: Shodan)

Now would be a great time to review your patching solutions and policy. Focus on your older systems like Windows 7, XP, Server 2003 and plan their retirement ASAP. In the meantime, patch them with the out-of-band Patch Microsoft released. It protects your from a MS Blaster like compromise of your older machines and network. Since Windows 7 goes end of life on Jan 7th, 2020, you need to replace these systems soon anyway.


History can and will repeat itself. How will you and your company fair? Will you be the company that patched for BlueKeep? Or will you be the company that succumbs to Bluekeep like millions did with MS Blaster way back in 2003?

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