CyberHoot Newsletter – May 2024

Time-Intensive Mobile Hacks Are Causing Big Headaches for Companies

Time-Intensive Mobile Hacks: Discover how time-intensive mobile hacks are evolving and what companies can do to protect themselves from these sophisticated cybersecurity threats. Read now!

Ransomware Defense: Protection from Remote Access Risks

Unlock the Secrets to Ransomware Defense: Dive into the world of cybersecurity to discover how remote-access tools play a pivotal role in ransomware attacks. Gain essential insights into safeguarding your systems with proven cybersecurity tactics that can shield your data from cyber threats. Read now!

Protecting Your Data: Lessons from the “Dropbox Sign” API and OAuth Breach

Uncover the Shocking Truth Behind the “Dropbox Sign” Breach: Delve into the world of cybersecurity as we dissect the methods used by hackers to steal API keys and OAuth tokens. Learn crucial strategies to protect your data and why staying alert is more important than ever in our digitally interconnected world. Read now!

Why Ditching Passwords is the Future of Online Security

Discover the Future of Online Security: Say Goodbye to Passwords and Hello to Passkeys! Learn how this revolutionary technology is poised to transform the way we protect our digital identities, making online security simpler and more robust than ever before. Read now!

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CyberHoot Awarded Badge From G2

An Application Programming Interface (API) is a set of definitions and protocols for building and integrating application software. APIs let your product communicate with other products and services without having to know how they’re implemented. This simplifies app development, saving time and money. When designing new tools and products, or managing existing ones, APIs give you flexibility, simplify design, administration, and use.

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Recently Added Features

General Release Notes
  • Fixed issue where Entra ID would sometimes not synchronize Managers.
  • Updated Entra ID initial prompt to allow users to select from multiple accounts and require a new login each time they set up Entra sync.
  • Updated phish test email to give user warning about processing time and made script run in background instead of making user wait for completion.
  • To reduce confusion in new users, the “My Assignments” link was removed from Welcome Emails.
  • Added DNS Twister to Cybersecurity Sales Reports (found under MSP Settings -> Customers – > click the ellipses to run the report).  Note: this requires each client’s domain name to be previously registered for at least a day to run the dark web reports.
  • Updated our MSP aggregation report to show colored compliance badges based on score and to only show ‘N/A’ for compliance if no policies have been deployed.

  • Improved speed/performance of compliance reporting scripts.

  • Updated toggling of the welcome email feature to reset welcome email sent on users if welcome email is enabled and training start date has not yet passed. 

  • Added Hoot Rank and Infographic images to Autopilot.
  • Added export csv to training history tables in Autopilot.

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