HowTo: The Benefits and Setup of CyberHoot’s Assignment-Based Phish Testing

The Challenges of Traditional Phish Testing 

Traditional Attack-based Phish testing has been punitive to end-users and difficult for MSPs to set up requiring allow-lists, X-Headers, and PowerShell scripts to deliver these emails to end users.  Even then employees ignore their email, open phishing tests in Chrome which warns them of a phishing attack and not to proceed.  If they fail the test employees are punished twice.  First they don’t get the Bonus they were promised (or whatever nefarious promises made in the email) in the email for all their hard work.  Second, they have to now take additional Phishing Video training to address their failure.  It’s difficult and time-consuming for the MSP to set up.  It is distasteful to the employee.  It just doesn’t work.

The Benefits of CyberHoot’s New Approach

Enter CyberHoot’s New Phishing By Assignment services.  Eliminating all the friction and yielding a positive outcome for everyone. Companies get a compliance score on EVERY employee.  Employees learn what they need to know to spot and avoid phishing attacks in a friendly and helpful exercise.  MSPs stop wasting hours setting up, testing, and troubleshooting phishing attack emails.  CyberHoot guarantees delivery of these phishing tests with Zero Administration. CyberHoot even automates sending a random quarterly phishing test to all employees for clients set up as “Standard” rather than “Power” clients under the Client Listing (shown under the Wrench icon).

Watch the video below to learn more about the service and watch how to set it up in 4 min. flat.

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