HowTo: Reauthorize Entra ID – Client Secret

The Entra ID sync is not functioning because the provided client secret has expired. To resolve this, you will need to reauthorize Entra ID.


Before starting, make sure you don’t already have a session to Entra ID under a different client name, it is recommended that you login to and sign-off.

  1. Login to your CyberHoot Deployment link.
  2. Switch to client that needs to be reauthorized by using the double arrows next to the MSP name.
  3. Click on the USERS button.
  4. Click on Entra ID Sync.
  5. Click on Entra ID Settings.
  6. Click on Re-Grant Entra ID Access.
  7. Login to Microsoft using your credentials.
  8. Click on Next button.
  9. Ensure the correct Group and Users are selected.
  10. Click on Sync Now.
  11. Click on Close.
  12. Click on Sync Now (sometimes the system takes a while to sync and a second one works better).
  13. Click on Back button and check if the users are all there.
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