HowTo: Add an MSP Super User

This video will give you step by step directions on how to add a Super User to CyberHoot’s multi-tenant SaaS platform. 

You typically want to add your own staff at an MSP as Super User Administrators to help administer CyberHoot for your MSP clients. You must be a Super User yourself to be able to add another Super User.

Super Users may switch between Clients with the click of a button. This is accomplished from the Dashboard with the crossing Arrows found beside the Client name (to the right).  Clicking this brings up a menu of clients and their company logo’s to choose from.  The second method of switching clients is by selecting the Admin button (Top Right) then MSP settings.  The default landing page is a listing of all clients and the number of users etc.  Find the crossing arrows, and click that to become that client.

Other Roles within CyberHoot:

Only Client Admins and Super Admins can log into CyberHoot.  Users can only access “My Assignments” from

End User: all assignments are given to end users.

Manager: all end users should have a manager for the automated compliance emails and weekly compliance reports (found here: Customer Settings -> Features -> Compliance Reports)

Group Owner and Human Resources Contact: each group in CyberHoot has a unique group owner, also known as the Human Resources contact. (from Dashboard: Click “Users” box then Groups in the submenu of the landing page.  Edit the group to set the HR contact for that group)

Customer Administrator: each client can define an unlimited set of client administrators with full access rights to the client environment but nowhere else.  Add Customer admins under Admin -> Customer Setttings -> Administrators (Click the Add Administrator button) and file out the fields.

Super Admin: reserved for MSPs and partners who have access to switch between customers as shown in this video.

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