The Fabulous Five: How CyberHoot Makes Managed Service Providers Shine Brighter

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Well, folks, there’s no denying that in today’s world, even your grandma’s biscuit recipe might be under cyber threat. Can you imagine? “Hackers have stolen Grandma’s biscuits recipe and are holding it for ransom!” Alright, maybe it’s not that dramatic and Grandma can bake from memory.  And yet, cybersecurity skills are lacking in so many people and companies putting critical IP “recipes” at risk! That’s where Managed Service Providers (MSPs) and our hero of the hour, CyberHoot, step in. Let’s dive into the fab five ways this snazzy platform is empowering cybersecurity literacy.

1. “Fish out of Water” No More with Phish Testing

Remember those times when you tried to teach your grandpa how to use the internet but all he did was yell at the screen in frustration? Well, imagine if, instead, he was a pro at spotting dodgy links and scams. CyberHoot’s phish testing is a mix of Professor X’s mind skills and Mary Poppins’ magical touch – innovative, positive, and educational. No more shaking your head when Aunt Gertrude falls for the umpteenth fake lottery email. This system “just works”, making everyone a tad bit wiser and far less likely to click on those “You won a gazillion dollars!” emails.  (Tip: a short phishing overview video is found below).

2. Say “Goodbye” to Pesky Client Calls

Who loves another helpdesk ticket asking – “How do I schedule then start a Teams meeting?“. Especially when it’s the same question… over… and over… again. “How do I share files?” or “How do I even start to use my new password manager?” Fear not! With CyberHoot’s asynchronous product training, your clients will be armed with all the knowledge they need, reducing those redundant helpdesk calls and tickets. So, yes, more time for those cat videos (or, you know, serious business things).

3. Autopilot Engaged: The Future is Now!

Automation. It’s the stuff of futuristic dreams, where robots do our chores and cars fly. While CyberHoot may not do your laundry (bummer, I know), it does offer 100% automation for training assignments and phish testing simulations. And guess what? No tedious allow-listing or injection of pesky email messages into Microsoft 365 or Google inboxes. It’s like having a self-driving car for your cybersecurity needs. Sit back, relax, and watch the magic unfold.

4. Let Your Brand Shine: It’s White-Label Time

Branding isn’t just for cattle ranchers or big corporations. MSPs need some love too! With CyberHoot, you can white-label their product, giving it that personal touch. It’s like turning your generic cereal into a box of ‘Frosted Flakes’. Make it yours and let your clients know it’s you keeping them safe. Oh, and did we mention brandable certificates of completion that contain continuing education credits? Fancy, right?

5. Fewer Oopsies, More Successes

Let’s face it, everyone has that one friend (or client) who’s a magnet for digital disasters. But with the cybersecurity literacy that CyberHoot instills, your clients’ employees will face fewer incidents. It’s like giving them a digital sixth sense. They’ll navigate the cyber realm like Neo from the Matrix, dodging threats with the grace of a ballet dancer. And you? You’ll be their Morpheus, guiding them to digital enlightenment (sunglasses optional).

Concluding Cyber Thoughts

Let’s wrap this up with a bow, shall we? With CyberHoot, MSPs aren’t just offering a service. They’re gifting peace of mind, confidence, and empowerment. By partnering with such a platform, you ensure that your clients’ employees are not just working but thriving in a digital age. They’re happy. They’re confident. They’re secure. And most importantly, they are armed with strong cybersecurity literacy.

So, here’s to fewer digital disasters and more virtual victories. CyberHoot: making the cyber realm a little less daunting and a lot more dazzling. Sign up here for a free 30 day trial! 🍾🎉

CyberHoot's brief overview of its educational, positive outcome, phish testing.

CyberHoot’s latest and greatest innovation.  Phish testing simulations that actually teach end users what they need and want to know.  Spot, avoid, and delete phishing and other social engineering attacks confidently, efficiently, and securely.

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