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You've Worked Hard To Protect Yourself
You are under attack.

You Are Under Attack.

  • 39 and 142: There is a hacker attack every 39 seconds (Clark School Study) and they steal 142 records/second. (Breach Level Index) 

  • 3x: In 2018 Cybercrime was 3x more profitable ($1.5 Trillian) than global illegal drug trade (~$400 Billion)

  • 82%: Breaches are tied back to end users 82% of the time. (Quasar)

  • 76%: The percentage of US Businesses that have experienced a Cyberattack in the past year (Ponemon Institute)

  • 52%, 28%, and 33%:  The percentage of breaches featured hacking (52%), involving malware (28%), and including phishing or social engineering (33%), respectively. (Verizon Data Breach Report 2019)

Our employees are not trained in any educational institution on the cybersecurity skills they need to survive online in the 21st century.  It’s up to you to teach yourself and your employees how to protect themselves from attack.

CyberSecurity Training Helps You Fight Back.

  • 70%: Security-related risks are reduced by up to 70% when businesses invest in cybersecurity training and awareness. (The Last Mile in IT)

  • 37x: The average Cybersecurity Training and Awareness program yields a 37x return on investment. (Does Cybersecurity Training Work?)

  • 78%: Your employees recognize suspicious looking emails 78% of the time but click anyways! (One in two Users Click)

  • 72%: Want a 72% reduction in business impact from Cybersecurity events? Invest modestly in Cybersecurity training. (The Last Mile in IT)

CyberHoot provides cybersecurity protection for individuals, businesses, and Managed Service Providers alike. CyberHoot is like a gym membership for Cybersecurity skills.  Enroll in our program and we promise you’ll become more confident, efficient, and cyber-secure!

Cybersecurity Training Helps You Fight Back