HowTo: Edit ProofPoint’s Allow List Settings to ensure Email Delivery from CyberHoot


Email protection vendors like ProofPoint can make it hard for cybersecurity companies that engage in Phish Testing to deliver their tests to employee inboxes.  This article outlines the steps required to setup Allow Lists for CyberHoot to deliver email to entities protected by ProofPoint.

Please note that if you are Phish Testing employees and you have enabled “URL Defense” in ProofPoint (recommended) then you will need to complete a second step outlined below.

Step 1:

In this step you will learn how to adjust ProofPoint’s Bulk score for an email sender (in this case CyberHoot).


Step 2 - Needed If Using Proofpoint's URL Defense

Navigate to System > Policy Routes and Click Add

proofpoint url 1

Disable URL rewrites based on above Policy route > Navigate to Email Protection > Targeted Attack Protection > URL Defense > URL Rewrite Policies

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