HowTo: Add A Public Survey To Your Company Website


CyberHoot provides a powerful Survey module within its platform to allow MSPs and SMBs to create dynamic surveys to collect information from their customers and employees.  One great way to take advantage of these surveys is to have your existing or potential customers sign up for the survey through your company website.

This HowTo explains how you can set that very thing up!!!

Step 1: Get Public Survey Link

1.  Click the Surveys link in the white navigation bar:

2.  You can use an existing survey that you may have already created, add a new survey, or clone one from our CyberHoot Library.  Once you’ve created or cloned a survey, click the pencil icon of the survey to go into Edit mode:

***There’s no need to assign the survey to anyone, unless you want to.  

3.  Check the Public checkbox to enable the public link and then click the Update button to save the change:

***Be sure to copy the Public URL from the Edit screen.

Step 2: Add An IFrame To Your Website

1.  Working with your web developer, have them add the following iframe snippet to your web site:

***Replace %PUBLIC-SURVEY-LINK% with the link of the public survey copied above.

Step 3: Check For Completed Surveys

1. Once the survey has been live for a bit, log in to the CyberHoot platform and view the reports of anyone who took the survey by going to Admin -> Reports -> Survey Reports:

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